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Lily Yarn Needles

icons, brushes, and more!

1 October
Welcome to Lily Yarn Needles, moderated by AZLK.

What to find...

ICONS: I mostly now make icons for j-pop, mostly of stuff based on my interests list. For the most part I make icons on a certain basis. Although most of the stuff isn't popular, but if you especially like Yui Horie or Aice5, this is the place for you.
TEXTURES: mostly icon sized, but I might put larger ones once in a while
BRUSHES: Photoshop 7.0+, any size
TUTORIALS: I may post tutorials once in a while.
HEADERS: Sometimes I may make headers for layouts and userinfos.
LJ LAYOUTS: Layouts take time to make and manipulate, so this is limited.
REQUESTS: To tell you the truth, I will only make requests once in a while, not often. I don't have many friends
OTHER: I may put a surprise in this site, you'll see someday


-If you are taking and using anything in this site, you must comment and credit.
-I may occasionally post a request pages. Depending on the theme, you may request anything, but I mostly take requests from j-pop, and some anime. However, I will not take requests from: Utada Hikaru and 18+ and anything inappropriate. I suggest you look in my interests list.
-If you have a similar website and want to be my affiliate, e-mail me (you must add as friend first in order to see my email)
-And also, if you like the goodies in my website, friend me. I worked hard on them so show me your support. Thanks!
-Have fun!
-Smile! :)

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